Events and Offers

For 2018 we are proud to Announce Joely and Sam have becoming part of the Fellowship colour project 18 team and have an amazing year of mentoring lined up by some of the industry’s best global colourists

Keep your eyes on our social media platforms to follow their journey

Whilst Natalie has advanced in to be accepted in to the fellowships “Project X” team 2018 where she will undergo and intense 12 months mentoring to push her boundaries with creativity.

Permanent hair removal

  • IPL Consultation


  • Upper lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns

    £25 each or a course of 6 £125

  • Underarm, bikini line

    £35 course of 6 £175

  • Lower back stomach buttocks breast Brazilian

    £65 course of 6 £325

  • Upper or lower leg Hollywood bikini forearms, beard, shoulders

    £95 course of 6 £475

  • Full back, full leg, full arms, full male chest

    £110 course of 6 £550

  • Full leg Inc bikini

    £150 course of 6 £750

February will see the 3 girls on stage at Pro hair live in Manchester

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