Meet the Team

Harvey Luke is home to a variety of first-rate professionals who have the experience needed to make you look and feel incredible. Read on to meet the team.


Natalie has over 20 years experience in the industry and is an excellent all round hairstylist. Working on stage and networking has enabled her to meet like minded creative people to gain new inspirational ideas to continue to drive the salons and her team forward.


I'm the salon manager at Oakwood and love all things hair! I'm an all round hairdresser but I love creative colouring and cutting. I have been hairdressing for 15 years 10 of which are at Harvey Luke, I'm always wanting to learn and achieve more. I'm a very dedicated and passionate individual and want to be the best I can at what i love to do ... hair !


I am a stylist at our Chellaston branch and I have been working at harvey luke for 7 years. I am a versatile hair stylist, but I specialise in colour. I enjoy learning the new trends, styles and keeping myself upto date with the latest techniques and training courses.


I'm Kyle I'm a barber at our Oakwood branch, I've been working with the company for 7 years and helped the barbers to grow and firm An amazing team of lads!


I'm a senior stylist and colour specialist at oakwood. Ive completed the fellowship of British hairdressing colour programme and worked on stage in London and Manchester showcasing my work on behalf of Harvey Luke. I like pride myself in all of my hairdressing work, but I’m definitely most passionate about colour, especially balayage and colour melting techniques.  I believe the condition of hair shouldn’t be compromised over colour results, as I like hair to not only look but feel amazing!


I have completed hairdressing nvq to a level 3 qualification . I am a very passionate person who believes in providing a high standard of customer service and giving great quality of work so my clients feel the best they can about themselves as they walk out the salon. I live to push myself and really enjoy showcasing my work on social media


lm a level 3 apprentice at Chellaston I have been with the company for 4 years. I have achieved my level 2 which means I am working as a qualified junior stylist advancing my skills and knowledge and do not have long until I complete my level 3 nvq .The company has allowed me to achieve my greatest goals and developed me to be as creative as I can through on going training.


Ive been working for Harvey Luke for 15yr's! I have a great clientele which I've built up over these years. I look forward to new training course's to update my skills to take back to my many loyal clients. This helps keep them, and myself really excited. I've watched the company grow and am proud to have been apart of it since the day it opened!


Felicity has been with Harvey Luke for more than 10 years, and is the part time manager at the Spondon branch. Her loyalty and dedication to the Harvey Luke team has helped her grow as a stylist. Felicity has a true passion for colouring.


'I'm the beauty therapist based at the chellaston salon. I provided a wide range of beauty and holistic treatments. With 10 years experience in the beauty industry I am confident with providing my lovely clients with high quality treatments and sharing my knowledge of products so they can maintain aftercare treatments at home. I enjoy upgrading my skills knowledge as I continue to evolve as a therapist working to high standards.


Amy is the salon manager at the Chellaston salon, and possesses more than 20 years of experience within the hair industry. Amy has worked for some well-known salon groups, each of which have given her the ability to run a successful salon.


Yolande has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Specializing in facials and massage she will guarantee to help you relax and unwind whilst you indulge in your pampering treatments.


I've been hairdressing for 8 years now and been working for Harvey luke for the last 2. I love on a daily basis to make my clients feel amazing about them selves and help put smile on their face. I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing, I will continue to push myself into becoming aa better version of me and create the most beautiful work I can. I really enjoy being part of the bridal team as I can be really creative and offer a personal service to the bride on her special day.


I’ve been working in the industry over 25years. I’m predominantly based front of house in Oakwood, meeting and greeting, taking appointments and generally overseeing our salon guests journey. I work 1 day a week as HL in house educator, and on a Thursday I work on salon floor in Oakwood senior stylist. My passion has always been advanced cutting, but now my amazing journey means I’m able to pass on my skills to our junior team which is absolutely fantastic!


I've been with HL for 7 years, I started off as an apprentice and I have now built myself up a large clientele as work as one of Oakwoods busiest stylists. I aim to always give 100% to my clients when visiting the salon. I enjoy to be creative when putting hair up and I am so proud to be part of our wedding team. I absolutely love everything about my job. I was so proud to have won employee of the year 2019 with so much competition within our amazing team


Our apprentice based in Oakwood Keisha loves all things “hair” and can’t wait to complete her level 2.5 and start to build her own clientele.


I specialise in men’s hair atvour barber shop in Oakwood. I create looks from long and natural, to defined and blended skin fades. I enjoy to style, colour and perm men’s hair as I have a level 3 qualification in women’s hairdressing and customer service that allows me to be extremely creative with all aspects of male grooming. Whilst I am a all round barber and love to create the latest styles....I really enjoy training and passing on all my knowledge to the younger team to help boost their skills and knowledge


Oakwood senior stylist 

27 year experience, passionate about my industry and enjoy offering great customer journeys and experiences. I love to create colour and cuts that look beautiful and work in harmony, especially when it gives women the confidence to not only look but feel great. Im Part of the hair up team for Weddings, Prom and special occasions, love the Vintage era!


Precision Skin fades, Perfect Taper cuts, Excellence in customer service and client satisfaction is what I care about when I’m working as part of the barbering team at Oakwood. Im most passionate about giving people self confidence, so I ensure I take my time and get the job done perfectly with great understanding of the job in hand, I want customers will return month on month and continue to feel great about themselves  and their hair.


I am very passionate about all aspects of barbering: from longer creative styles, fading and precision cutting. After completing a bespoke intensive course at the Sid Sottung academy I have all the skills and attributes to work independently as part of the Oakwood barbering team. I am now working towards my hairdressing qualifications to further advance my skills


I have been with Harvey luke since April 2018, I am an apprentice and learning new things everyday. I strive to be the best I can in all that I do. My passion lies in cutting and styling. Can’t wait to be qualified. I Really enjoy my training days and getting hands on with clients so if anyone would like to be a model for me I’d really appreciate it


I’m the apprentice at the Chellaston salon. I am currently working towards my level 2.5 I really enjoy being part of this amazing industry and embracing my inner creativity is my favourite thing to do. I love working with other creatives and developing new skills.  I’m really proud to be part of such a creative team.


I’m the front of house at Chellaston HL, I’m at the heart of all appointments and the first face you’ll see when coming through our door, I’ll be waiting with a super big smile, ready to make your HL Chellaston experience a perfect one, topped off with the best cup of tea or coffee of your choice always ensuring the perfect client journey


I'm a Passionate hairdresser Apprentice working towards my level 3 at the spondon salon. I love learning new Techniques, but creative colour is my favourite. I really love making my clients feel comfortable and beautiful with there hair, whether it's a blow dry or complete colour change, I make sure I create the best looks I can.  I’m really looking forward to growing a large client base of my own


Amy is part time manager at Spondon. She has 16 years of qualified experience behind her, and nearly 10 of them have been with the Harvey Luke salon group. As manager of the salon and senior stylist, Amy motivates and drive the whole team to success. Amy loves all aspects of hairdressing, but possess expert-level knowledge regarding colour. Her advanced, modern colouring techniques have proven popular with a large, loyal client-base.


Amy is the salon manager at Chellaston and posseses more than 20 years of experience within the hair industry. As manager of the salon and senior stylist, Amy motivates and drive the whole team to success. Amy loves all aspects of hairdressing, but possess expert-level knowledge regarding colour. Her advanced, modern colouring techniques have proven popular with a large, loyal client-base.


I qualified as a stylist in 2006, In June 2017 I was excited to become part of the HL team. With all the training and support I have received since joining, it has reignited my passion for cutting, colouring but especially hair up-do’s & styling. I’m a senior stylist working as part of the bridal team, also proudly covering maternity as a salon manger.


I’m a creative stylist that loves styling and dressing hair. I enjoy ‘out of the box’ creativity. I am passionate about my work and love to make my clients feel good. In the salon I work very classically as that is what my clients request, but I really enjoy push my creative boundaries when I’m on stage representing Harvey Luke. This has lead me to perform in London, Manchester, and Liverpool and Derby and o can’t wait to do it all again soon!


After 30+ years in the industry I am still as passionate and proud of my work as I've ever been. I enjoy keeping my skills up to date with all the latest techniques. I’m a senior stylist working in Oakwood who is proud of the level of customer care I offer to all of my clients, I particularly specialise in cutting bobs and shorter hair and still throughly enjoy the ongoing education programme we all receive.

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